Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 2014 Nature Notes

A beautiful day! Although not officially Autumn, today was the perfect day. Oh how I hope we have a very long Autumn because I am not looking forward to the season that follows it. ;-)

What a gorgeous day! Warm, breezy and big puffy white clouds. Happy first day of fall!

I stepped outside this morning and a touch of sadness came over me, thinking that it will soon be cold and frosty out. I almost declared a "no school" day so we could enjoy the day, but one of the boys has had 2 days off due to sickness so we'll just try to hurry through our work so we can spend some time outside.

Another gorgeously warm Autumn day! The leaves on the trees in our yard are changing quickly. Andrew already raked up and bagged one bag of leaves. 

Creamy Vegan Caramel Sauce

Autumn brings an abundance of harvest and one of the harvests we enjoy are apples.  Our favorite way to eat apples?  In slices with this yummy vegan caramel sauce.  Mmm
Creamy Vegan Caramel Sauce
5 Tbsp. almond butter
1/4 cup pure maple syrup
2 Tbsp. cold pressed coconut oil
1 Tbsp. pure vanilla
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
pinch of salt
2-3 soft pitted dates
Soften dates by soaking in distilled water for 20 minutes.  Reserve water to add to sauce if you'd like a thinner sauce.
In a powerful blender or food processor blend all ingredients until creamy.
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Daybook for September 29th

For Today – Monday, September 29th, 2014


Outside my window it's dark and quiet.  There is a very cool breeze coming in from the open windows and I can still hear the sound of the crickets.  I love early mornings before my family is awake.

I am wearing my nightgown and robe.
I am thinking about how beautiful the body of Christ is when they come together to meet the needs of others. 
I am praising God for His love and provision to those in need.

I am in prayer for a family in need, a member of our church who needs a miracle & new kidney, our country, my family and my GMG - GLOW group.

I am thankful for a wonderful weekend with my sweetie. 

From the kitchen... I'm not planning to do any marketing this week except for a few household items (garbage bags, t-paper etc.).   I'd like to use what we have on hand in the freezer and pantry.  So I'll be getting creative with meals and snacks as I try to clear out these spaces to prepare for a new season.

I am creating... Nothing... all crochet work on the afghan has come to a halt.  There just hasn't been extra time or desire to work on it. 

I am going to be visiting with a friend this week :)

I am excited for my son Jonathan - he got a new truck this week.

I am hoping for the salvation of ones I love as I pray for them each by name everyday this week.

I am looking forward to the month of October and Praying the Psalms with my online friend Candace.

In the learning room we missed a few days last week due to illness so we have a little catching up to do.  Andrew begins a new math program this week (Teaching Textbooks).  He's excited about it and I'm excited that he's excited about math.  :)   We are still studying Ancient Egypt in History.

About the house this week... I pulled out my Large Family Logistics book for some inspiration on home-keeping this afternoon.  I'm trying to find a new rhythm for my days in caring for my family and home.

I am pondering Ephesians 1:4 - "just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world..."   Think about that... before creation I was thought of and chosen.  There was a plan for my life from before the creation of the world.  <3  Wow!

I am reading...  The book of Genesis with my Good Morning Girls GLOW group and my children.  We just started yesterday so if you'd like to join us you still can!  We are reading one chapter a day.  I'm also reading a new book that I downloaded on my iPad called Praying Hyde

One of my favorite things cardigan sweaters  :) Perfect for crisp mornings and removable for warm Autumn afternoons.

A few plans for the rest of the week... piano lessons, Civil Air Patrol, library day, a visit with a friend, a service project and yard work.

A favorite quote for the day:

 A picture thought for today:  A yummy vegan caramel sauce.  Perfect for the abundance of apples this time of the year.  Recipe on the blog tomorrow.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap

Happy Saturday afternoon to you!  I am enjoying a quiet afternoon home ALONE!  My husband took the two youngest boys to a new coffee house and youth center grand opening and my oldest son is out vehicle shopping.  I've got George Winston's Autumn cd playing and can hear the tractor in field through the open windows.  Ahhh.  Such a beautiful afternoon. 
I started reading a new book, Praying Hyde, a download on my iPad but now I wish I would have bought a print copy.  My eagerness and impatience won out and I clicked the "buy with 1 click" option so that I could start reading immediately.  :o)
I've been searching for educational games to download to my iPad for Andrew to play on Fun Friday's in our homeschool.  I found two geography games, Stack the States and Stack the Countries.  Although not free they were pretty cheap.   We have enough math related games but I'm still looking for a grammar game so if you know of one please share in the comment section.  Our My Father's World curriculum has a very light schedule on Friday's and so I usually incorporate any Friday work into Thursday.  This way we can have either a day off if daddy is home or use it for field trips or educational games.
Today my beautiful niece and goddaughter is celebrating her 7th birthday!  Happy Birthday sweet girl!  You are so precious to me. 

I will be starting week 5 of the Good Morning Girls Read Through the Bible plan.  I am really enjoying the pace of just 1 chapter a day and then journaling.  If you'd like to join in, visit Women Living Well for info. and resources.  We'll be starting the book of Genesis tomorrow.  You can also visit the Good Morning Girls Facebook page.
Have a lovely weekend, friends.   May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Physical and Spiritual Health

The following is from my quiet time this morning - I am currently reading through the Bible one chapter a day with the Good Morning Girls ministry.  I have been using the SOAP method as I journal each day which is simply S = Scripture (writing out the verse or verses I felt the Lord leading/speaking to me about) O = Observations, what is happening in the passage, who is speaking, who is being addressed, where are they etc. A = Application, how does apply or how can I apply this to my life and P = Prayer, praying back to God His word and what he has shown to me and asking the Holy Spirit to help me apply what I have learned.  I often do not journal my prayers but rather pray them orally.

S)  "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth."  3 John 2

O) This verse caught my attention because it compared physical and spiritual health.  When John addressed Gaius in this way was it because he might have been ill physically?  He was obviously in great spiritual health.

I liked what the BE commentary had to say on this verse.

"Physical health is the result of nutrition, exercise, cleanliness, proper rest, and the disciplined order of a balanced life. Spiritual health is the result of similar factors. We must nourish ourselves with the Word, and then "work out" that nourishment in godly exercise (1 Tim 4:6-7). We must keep ourselves clean (2 Cor 7:1) and avoid the contamination and pollution that is in the world (2 Peter 1:4; James 1:27). While exercise and service are important, it is also important that we rest in the Lord and gain new strength through fellowship with Him (Matt 11:18-30). A balanced life is a healthy and happy life, a life that honors God."  (from The Bible Exposition Commentary. Copyright © 1989 by Chariot Victor Publishing, and imprint of Cook Communication Ministries. All rights reserved. Used by permission.)

A)  Evaluate my physical and spiritual health, both are important.  Are there areas in either that I need to surrender and change?

Nutrition:  What things do I have an appetite for?  What am I feasting on?

  • Physical:  Am I unbalanced in my nutrition?  Do I eat more junk/processed food or am I eating God given foods that have enzymes (the life) in them.  Am I balanced in my portion sizes?
  • Spiritual:  Do I feed on the Word of God and rightly divide it (study) or is my appetite for other things (t.v., internet, books, sports etc.)
  • Physical:  Am I taking care of the body that God has given to me in order to be ready to go where He might call me or to do what He would have me to do?  Do I make time each day to exercise?  Am I unbalanced in this area, focusing too much time and attention to exercise?
  • Spiritual:  Am I disciplined to exercise my faith by reading God's word, studying it and applying it to my life or am I lazy in my daily spiritual disciplines allowing other things to steal my time?   Just as I grow stronger through physical exercise so my faith will increase and grow through spiritual disciplines (Romans 10:17).
  • Physical:  Do I keep my home tidy to promote health and not disease?  Do I daily practice and teach my children good hygiene habits to help keep sickness at bay?  Do I show honor to God through the care of my home and body? 
  • Spiritual:  Do I allow the defilements of sin and evil to creep into my life and home?  Do I need to do a spiritual housecleaning?  Many years ago I came across a wonderful post about cleaning house.  I copied that post into my Bible and it has served me well as I go through my home and removing those things that do not honor God.

    Balanced Life:
  • Physical:  Am I motivated by selfish, fleshly desires?  Do I get proper rest at night so that my body can perform the necessary tasks for renewal or do I push myself too far by staying up too late and then need to use stimulants for energy?  Am I unbalanced in my priorities spending more or less time where I should?  Am I over worked or over committed?  Do I listen to worldly counsel?
  • Spiritual:  Am I casting my cares (anxieties) onto the Lord and asking for the guidance of the Holy Spirit or am I trying to do it all in my own strength?  Am I looking well to the ways of "my" household or am I discontent always wanting more and wishing things were different?  Do I have anger, bitterness or un-forgiveness in my life? Do I spend more time or give more attention to the things of the world or to maintaining a disciplined Christian life of love and service?  When I am in need of counsel do I go to God's Word first?

Edited to add:  A link to cleaning house from June at A Wise Woman Builds Her Home under the Cleanliness point and a picture from my Bible.

Monday, September 22, 2014


For Today – Monday, September 22nd, 2014


Outside my window everything is quiet and still at this hour.

I am wearing a long flared jean skirt, a white camisole with a mint and white pinstriped knit cardigan.

I am thinking that mornings wouldn't be as lovely without coffee with cream.  Mmm

I am praising God for His love and care for each individual in my family.

I am in prayer for my dear friend and her family as they remember and celebrate the life of her grandpa today and lay his body to rest.

I am thankful for His mercy towards me – this last week I’ve felt so overwhelmed with the thought of my past sin and His unfailing love towards me, that He would set His love upon me.  Oh the thought! 

From the kitchen... nothing exciting planned.  :)

I am creating a sunburst throw for my couch… I haven’t made much progress in the last week.  *blush*

I am going to see my best friend if even for just a moment today while she is in Minnesota for her grandfather's funeral.  <3

I am excited that get to stop at a few thrift stores this week while in the cities.

I am hoping (trusting) for the salvation of ones I love.

I am looking forward to my favorite season and the Making Your Home a Haven challenge at Women Living Well coming up in October.  I’ve been following along now for a few years now.

In the learning room we are still learning about Ancient Egypt.  Andrew is enjoying learning about the mummies and pyramids.  Piano lessons have commenced and there is much practicing.  I hope the momentum continues all year long.  :)  Christopher and I will be reading Mere Christianity together.  We've misplaced the teaching textbooks cd-rom for Christopher... it has been missing for a week now! 

About the house this week there is still quite a bit of dust settling from last week’s remodeling project.  We cut out the wall of our second floor bedroom and framed in a new wall with new windows.  The house needs a good dusting (again). 

I am pondering how to be a mom to adult children. 

I am reading...  I just finished the book of 1 John this morning with my Good Morning Girls GLOW group.  We’ll start 2 John tomorrow.  I am also reading neat book that I found at the thrift store by Ruth Sunder called Secrets from Ordinary Places.

One of my favorite things sunny but crisp fall days! 

A few plans for the rest of the week Christopher has a busy week which means I have a busy week of driving him to Civil Air Patrol, Cyber Patriots and piano.  I'm not complaining though because I'll get to spend some quiet reading/study time at Dunn Brother's while I wait for him.  :-)

A favorite quote for the day:


A picture thought for today:

 {Hello outside!}


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Grateful Lives Offered Willingly

I don't know how many people read here anymore... posting once a month doesn't exactly keep a consistent readership coming back.  :-)  Nevertheless, I felt it was time for an update and since there is now popular blogger using Everyday Sacred in her blog title it seems like the perfect time.  Everyday Sacred will now be Grateful Lives Offered Willingly and there is even a new GLOW Facebook community as well.  I can't promise a huge increase in new content no matter how much I have the desire to record our lives here, there just doesn't seem to be time.  I'd like to do better than once a month though.  ;-)  No matter..  I pray that your time here will be a blessing and encouragement to you as you live your life poured out as an offering before the Lord.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Daybook for September 15th

For Today
September 15th, 2014


Outside my window... a cloudy, drizzly morning.
I am thinking... about habit training.

 I am thankful... for sleep and my husband.  I went to bed at 6pm last night, woke up at 10pm for a glass of water and went back to bed until 5 am this morning. 

 I am wearing... my jammies and robe yet.  J

 I am creating… a new throw for my living room using a sunburst granny square pattern. 

{I chose colors to match the throw pillows}

{Progress so far... crocheting strips of seven together lengthwise}

I am going...  to enjoy a quiet afternoon of study away from home this afternoon while my husband is home with the boys. 

I am wondering... if I should have a 3rd cup of coffee.  Probably not.  :)

I am reading... through the Bible with my Good Morning Girls group.  We started 1 Peter today.  I am also reading a short book called, 10 People Every Christian Should Know.  I got it free last week on my iPad through my Kindle app.

I am hoping... for a long and beautiful autumn.  It is my favorite season!  I’ve already decorated the house!

In the learning room… We will begin week 5 of CTG (Creation to the Greeks from My Father’s World) this week.   Christopher and I are using a lot of brain power diagramming sentences - it sure was easier when it was just the subject and predicate.  Oddly enough I find it thrilling to put everything in its place.  Must be my Type A personality or OCD.  :)


Around the house... I’m trying not to look around, lol.  Remember that habit training I talked about and my early evening of sleep?  Let’s just say this mama woke to a house full of “stuff” that needs to be put away! 

In the kitchen... dishes need to be emptied and breakfast made.  Supper will go in the crockpot later this morning, meatballs in gravy sauce with your choice of baked potatoes or butternut squash (or both) and green beans.  Mmm

I am pondering... new creations and all that He taught us over this summer.


 A favorite quote for today...  "The Greatest Freedom we have is the freedom to come right to God at any time."  Ann Voskamp  What a privilege to have relationship with the Living God!

One of my favorite things... fall/harvest smelling candles.


A few plans for this week: a study day at Dunn Brothers, a harvest birthday tea at a friend’s home.  Piano lessons, library trip and women’s Bible study night at our church – the topic… helping your leader lead.  Hubby is home Monday and Tuesday this week to do some work on the house so our homeschool days are lighter so that the boys can help daddy.

 A peek into one of my days... 
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