Tuesday, February 3, 2015


For Today...
Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015
Outside my window...  Snow!  Andrew is so excited to have some snow to play in.  :)  I'm happy to have the ground beautifully covered.

 I am hearing... Andrew trying to talk his dad and brothers into playing a board game.

I am thinking... about someone very special.  Stay tuned! 
  I am thankful...
  • for the beautiful snow
  • to have my husband home for a few days
  • for sons that are learning to cook
  • for books
  • quiet weekends to crochet
 I am creating... a new afghan from {this} pattern.  It is called the Greenway and is the Harlequin Pattern.  I'm now about halfway through and need to have it finished in the next month for a gift.  Eeek. 
  I am enjoying... a cup of herbal tea.  A mixture of Red Raspberry leaf, Nettle, Pepperment, Cinnamon and cloves sweetened with a little honey and cream.
I am wondering...   What to make for dinner and thinking that I should have it figured out already since it is a quarter past 4:00.
 I am reading... through the Bible with my Good Morning Girls group.  I read Exodus 22 this morning.  During my morning reading time I'm reading What Happens When We Pray for Our Families, by: Evelyn Christensen.  I found it at a second hand store and am really enjoying it.  It is very encouraging and convicting me on being persistent in prayer. 
Before bed I am reading a short chapter or two from Violets for Mister B, by Margaret Jensen, also found at a second hand store. 
 I am praying...
  • for the salvation of some very precious loved ones and for my older children to be led by God in all areas of their adult lives. 
  • For two families, 1 I've met a couple of times and another I haven't, that have both lost young teenagers this last week. 
  • The persecuted church.  Each week I am praying for 1 of the top 50 persecuted  countries around the world. 
  • My daughter ~ So many fun and exciting things happening... new apartment, new job, etc.
 Around the house... My husband ripped out very old carpet from one of our spare bedrooms today.  The padding had turned to dust.  I couldn't believe how much dust.  Cough, cough.
  In the kitchen...  Breakfast:  toast & fruit  ~ Lunch:  Black beans with beef sausage over rice ~ Supper:  I have no idea.  ;)
I am going to be learning… the piano.  I start lessons tomorrow.  I'm going to try it for a month and see how it goes.  I'm mostly concerned with how much time I'll have to really devote to practice and whether or not my mind can learn something new although I think it would be a great brain booster.
A few plans for this week:  It will be a quieter week than last.  My niece has a basketball game in a neighboring town from us so I plan to attend that but other than piano lessons there is nothing else on the schedule.  Ahhh
 A peek into one of my days...
Lizzy, one day last week.  She either wanted to practice spelling or wanted my coffee.  :)  I'm sure it was the coffee or maybe she wanted me to move all that stuff so she could sit in my lap.  ;)