Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Winter Wonderland

It's happened again!
Although we had a trace of snow last week our first measurable snow of the season came yesterday and in our home that means COOKIES!  Each year on the first snow of the new season we bring our snowman cookie jar out of storage and fill it to the brim with my mom's recipe for sugar cookies.  You can find the recipe for the cookies in the link above. 
Andrew was pretty excited about the snow and truth be told, out of all my children he is the only one.  :-)  I think it is beautiful and enjoy the snow as long as it is not so bitter cold out.  It was actually very pleasant temp. wise so I asked forced the older boys out to indulge Andrew's winter wishes to have a snowball fight.  He even tried to get mom!


Monday, November 30, 2015

A November Daybook

Daybook for November 30, 2015

Outside my window...  A very overcast day with snow gently falling, blanketing everything in white.  Mr. Cardinal stands as a bright contrast to all the white.  I'm sure Mrs. Cardinal is around as well.  She tends to hang back a bit though.

I am thinking...  that I am very glad I taught my boys how to do their own laundry.  :)

I am thankful... that my husband strung Christmas lights around the house this weekend.  They look so pretty at night.  If I had my way the entire house and every tree would be covered in lights and the yard decked out with all sorts of decorations.  My husband, bless his Arizona heart, does not like winter and so I am thankful to have 1 single strand of lights around the house. 

I am wearing... Jeans, a pale pink camisole with a hot pink sweater and matching pink socks.

I am hearing... my youngest complain about writing in cursive.  ;)

I am wondering... if I should attempt a nap this afternoon or work on my afghan.

I am creating... an afghan for a Christmas gift.  It is a lacey ripple design done in a boysenberry color.

I am going... to enjoy having gifts arrive by UPS this year rather than shopping in crowded stores.  I am trying, as much as possible, to keep my anxiety level down and the peace of the season in abundance.  A stressful Christmas season robs so much joy from me and my family.

I am reading...  little snippets here and there from various books, nothing cover to cover at the moment.

I am praying... for my daughter this week as she returns to work.

I am remembering... not much lately.  ;)  Ufda!  My memory is NOT what it used to be.  :)

I am hoping... to wrap some presents tonight.

On my mind... My little grandson.  He's a good thing to have on my mind.  :)  Goodness do I adore him and love being a Nana!  He has been smiling and talking to us so much.  It just blesses me so much.  I've been writing Scripture prayers and personal prayers for him in a little book to give to him someday.  <3

From the learning rooms... We began a Christmas Unit Study this week and switched to a different math program. 

I am learning...  that I need more quiet. 

I am looking forward to... seeing my grandson this week. 

From the kitchen... Sugar cookies!  We have a tradition in our family that on the first measurable snow of the winter season pull our snowman cookie jar out of storage and fill it with sugar cookies.

Around the house... Monday is laundry day.  I have two loads processing today and will need to fold and put them away.  Floors were vacuumed, swept and mopped early this morning.  The Christmas tree is up but not yet decorated.  We will most likely save that until next weekend.

One of my favorite things... seeing the joy on my nephews face when I presented him with his new winter hat.  He LOVES everything tractor or (coo coo) as he calls them.  It was so fun to crochet this for him knowing that he would be thrilled with it.


A few plans for the rest of the week...  babysitting for my grandson, some more online shopping, lots of crocheting and working on my cookie baking list for the month.

A picture I'm sharing...


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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

To Dianna

After a busy/emotional summer with our families I hope to get back to blogging but I returned a few weeks ago to find one of my favorite bloggers gone and I have no way to contact her. Dianna's blog, Joyful in His Presence is no more.  :(  If you see this Dianna, I want you to know that I am thinking of you and praying for you.  I went to email you but I never saved your email address as a contact so I have no way of contacting you again.  If you see this, please e-mail me.  I'd love to stay in touch with you, dear one.  Much love, Theresa  everydaysacred(@)hotmail(.)com

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Giving Your Home a Spiritual/Biblical Cleaning

Ideally I like to do a Spring and Fall cleaning around my home.  A time to dig deep into the corners and recesses of my home and tidy them up.   It doesn't always happen but that is the goal.  A time twice a year to open up windows, remove and wash the jams and screens.  I empty cupboards of pots and pans, dishes and pantry items and thoroughly scrub out any accumulated grim or crumbs.   In the Fall I usually take this time to freshen my linens by washing extra blankets and bedding so that they are ready to put on beds when the nights turn crisp.
As important as it is to be good stewards of our homes and belongings by seeing to their physical upkeep, it is equally important to give diligence to its Spiritual upkeep. 

Many years ago I found a blog post on cleaning house.  I felt it was a very important reminder and so I took the time to write it in the back of my Bible.  Unfortunately I did not make note of the author or blog where I found it and can no longer remember.  If anyone recognizes this please let me know so that I can give proper credit.  
Cleaning House

Every few months go through the house and examine it according to these Scriptures:
  • Psalm 101:3
  • 2 Corinthians 7:1
  • Proverbs 3:33
  • Philippians 4:8
  • Deuteronomy 7:26
  • 1 John 5:21
  • Psalm 101:2
  • Psalm 119:37

Clean out those things that are not pleasing to the Lord.  It is very easy for worldly distractions to creep into our home.  Look at:

* Books and magazines
* Art, personal pictures
* Videos and DVD's
* Music
* Toys
* Anything immodest or crude in speech, manner or suggestion
* Immodest clothing
* Miscellaneous things that the Lord might reveal to you.

(I would also add that you should examine your online and social media activities.  Are they pleasing to the Lord?)

Replace items with things that would inspire and draw you, your family and others to God.
Strive to make your home a safe place that honors the Lord by carefully discerning and guarding the things you allow into it.

** The Right Questions to Ask **

The following questions are ones that I wrote down from a women's Bible study I attended and I think they go beautifully with the context of Biblical Housekeeping.
1.  Will this strengthen my faith and help me love Jesus more?
2.  Will this advance me in warfare against sin?
3.  Will it help me be more resolved to pray?
4.  Will it embolden my faith and help me to share the gospel with others?
5.  Does this bring glory to God?

I hope this will be an encouragement to you as you think about doing your Fall cleaning.  God bless you as you work in your homes, may all you do there bring glory to the Lord and your family closer to Him.

Monday, October 5, 2015


Greetings Friends ~

So much has been happening here in our little corner of the world.  In August my mother in law was placed in hospice at home where her 4 daughters lovingly cared for her each day until she passed into the arms of Jesus on September 27th.  God graciously allowed my husband and I many opportunities to minister, encourage and witness to many family members.  The prayers of years passed were answered and the gospel shared with each of his siblings and my father in law.  Join us in prayer for those sown seeds to break open and bring forth a harvest! 

{Samantha and Rose ~ at Samantha's graduation}
Rose and I share a birthday and we had a HUGE celebration with all of her family.  All of her children, their spouses and 13 of 16 grandchildren were there with many great grandchildren as well.  Rose came from a family of 15.  She has 9 sisters and 5 brothers.  Wow!  Such a wonderful day of honoring her and sharing our hearts of love with her.
On September 10th our daughter had our first grandchild.  Little Warren is so precious.   I am loving the Nana life and enjoy every opportunity I have to spend with them.  The first word my nieces and nephews heard from me was the name of Jesus whispered in their ear and so did Warren.  Each time I see him I tell Him how much I love Him and how much Jesus loves him.  I've enjoyed singing hymns to him and praying over him while rocking him.  Such an overwhelming and amazing experience to see the next generation and to pour out your heartfelt prayers to the Father for them at such a young age. 
Here are a few photos from their pregnancy photo shoot with my sister.

And Now!!! 
The Nana pictures commence. 
A few hours after birth. 
Nana or Nanny T and her sweetheart.
Papa Scott


Here are a couple preview pictures from his infant photo shoot with my sister.  I crocheted the Hungry Caterpillar cocoon and hat and knitted the multi-colored blanket used in the basket.  There will be more photos from this photo shoot I'm sure.  :)

And so now you know why its been so silent here.  All is well.  We are missing Rose but so thankful for the gift of Warren who brings us all so much joy.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Our First Grandchild! It's a ......

Samantha and Jarrett had a wonderful BaBy-Q gender reveal party at the end of May with both sides of the family.  It was a great day as we all found out the gender of our first grandchild!  I even got to feel the baby moving.  What a special, special thing, to feel the life of the next generation. 


When guests arrived there were two little chalk boards where you could cast your vote on whether the baby was a girl or a boy. 


They revealed the gender by popping a large black balloon filled with confetti that flew out.


Here are some more pictures from the day.  Enjoy.

Grandparents ~ Scott and I are to the right of Samantha

Belly shots.  Samantha and her daddy, who would like it known that he had to really push his tummy out.  ;)

Monday, May 18, 2015

In My Home ~ Week 2


** Christopher had his very first job interview last Monday.  Andrew and I brought along our school to do in the car while he was on his interview.  He has applied at a few different places in hopes of finding a summer job.  Unfortunately he did not get the job and the job search continues.

**  On Wednesday Christopher took his written permit test and passed!  I let him drive to the Dairy Queen afterwards for a celebratory Blizzard.

** We are transitioning to our summer school schedule this month.  Last week was our last 5 day week.  This week we move to 3 days a week and will continue with this schedule through the summer with a few weeks off here and there for break and vacation.  We’ll be schooling Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with Monday and Friday’s off to extend our weekends.  We’ll continue with this schedule until sometime in August when we switch back to a full week schedule.

** I’ve completed 2 full weeks of the Protective Diet and am feeling very good.  Still no headaches, the weight is still coming off and I am well satisfied with the meals.  Visit www.protectivediet.com to learn more.

** My daughter had an ultrasound last Tuesday and our first grandchild is a _______!  We don’t know yet! {GROAN}  Samantha and Jarrett decided to have a BaBy-Q gender reveal party.  As much as I want to know now, I know they are enjoying having this little secret to themselves.  We’ll be have a BBQ potluck on the 30th with both sides of the family and friends.  On their invitation it says,  “A bun in the oven and burgers on the grill.”  Cute!

**  We went up to see Samantha on Friday.  I brought up lunch for everyone and then Scott and I went into the cities to do a quick shopping trip at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s before coming back and picking up Samantha’s old vehicle which we purchased to either fix and sell or fix and give to Christopher.

**  My lower back has been bothering me since Friday.  I'm not sure what I did.  The only thing I can think is that it might have been from my jumping on my rebounder on Thursday.  Thankfully it is not debilitating.  If I sit for long periods it is hard to get up and sore for a bit after I'm up but after walking around for a bit it seems to improve.  I'm still able to get around and get things done except for bending so other family members have been bending to load the dishwasher for me.
**  On Saturday my sweetie and I had a quick date.  We went to town to look at refrigerators.  We are looking for a larger side by side.  I found one I like but we are only looking at this point.  After the appliance shopping Scott and I stopped by the Animal Humane Society.  We both loved an older red Labrador named Max.  He was the only one not barking.  Such a sweetie, didn't jump up, let you pet and touch all over his body without him minding.  He was what they called a Velcro dog.  {smile} Once you stopped petting he was there to nudge your hand back into petting him again.  We would have given him a wonderful home to live out his last few years but unfortunately it didn't work out because we have cats and a smaller dog and the staff did not think it was a good match.  Sorry, Max.
**  I stayed home from church yesterday because the chairs are uncomfortable and already a strain on my lower back.  Although I was feeling quite a bit better I didn’t want to hinder the healing that was taking place.  I worked in the kitchen prepping some of my food for the week.  I made French Onion dip, Sloppy Jerrys, Creamy Macaroni salad, burger buns and homemade yogurt. 
I hope you've had a wonderful week as well.  God bless you.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

In My Home ~ Week 1


Stopping in with a little update.  I wish I was more consistent with blogging (smile).  I think it's such a nice way to record what's going on in our family and home but life gets busy and blogging gets forgotten.

Isn't this a lovely picture?  I adore it, especially the cat curled up on the rug and the sheets on the clothes line.

In my home this last week.

~*~ On Sunday we went to Mass for my nephew and godchild's  First Communion.  After Mass we celebrated at his home with our extended family and enjoyed an afternoon outside while the children played.  I snapped this picture of my daughter (on the right in the white shirt) and my sister in law that afternoon.  They are due a week apart. 

~*~ Andrew went with Scott in the semi.  They went to South Carolina, then up to North Carolina and then back home to Minnesota.  I think it's so neat that the kids get an opportunity to spend time with their dad like this.  It is the one memory each of the kids has and remembers fondly.

~*~ I spent most of this week (and last) reading recipes, watching videos and then in the kitchen.  I am following a Protective Diet for 30 days.  It is a vegan diet that also eliminates oil, sugar, nuts and additives.  Previously I have been having trouble sleeping, horrible daily headaches, fibromyalgia muscle pain and digestive issues.  So far I am sleeping great and best of all no headaches for over a week!!!  Here are a few pictures of the food I've enjoyed while dropping over 7 pounds in less than 2 weeks.


~*~  I've been off of coffee now for two weeks and oddly enough I am not missing it at all.  If you know me personally, you know how much I have always enjoyed my morning coffee during my quiet time.  I've substituted my morning cup of coffee for an organic green tea with peppermint and it is just as satisfying.

~*~ On the weekends Scott has been busy building our new wrap around deck.  Part of the deck is covered and the other is open.  I can't wait for it all to be done and to enjoy some meals on the deck this summer.

~*~ I worked on crocheting a new hat for my mother in law who lost her hair recently as a result of the chemotherapy.  I chose a lovely light sea blue color and gave it to her this afternoon.  It fit perfectly and she looked beautiful.  <3

~*~ Temps this week will be cooler but I'm thankful that I don't have snow like my close friend did in Wyoming this weekend.  I think I might curl up and cry if it snowed.  :)  Her 12 year old daughter looked out the window yesterday and declared, "I better get another Christmas out of this!"  Haha! 

~*~ Christopher mowed the yard for the first time this year.  I love the smell of freshly cut grass drifting in through the open windows.  I'm waiting for my crab apple trees to bloom.  Usually they bloom around the 10th, but they don't appear quite ready yet.  Here is a picture of them from a few years ago.

~*~ My mother gave me this pantry cupboard that belonged to my dad's grandmother, then his mother and most recently resided at my parents home.  I am using it to keep my foods separate from the families.  I adore it!  I'd like to repaper the shelves though.

Thanks for visiting and reading.  Have a great week, friends.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Daybook ~ March 30th edition

For Today... March 30, 2015

Outside my window...  All of the snow from last week, except a stray patch or two has melted! It is supposed to be close to 50 today (yay) but it is overcast.

I am hearing... lots of birds out back.  There seems to be a large flock of Eastern Starlings who are passing through.

I am thinking... about how wonderful it is to open your home for hospitality.  I LOVE being able to share a meal, fellowship and encouragement with others.  I especially love to hear how God is working and leading others.  Sharing those testimonies is such an encouragement to me in my faith and to my children.

I am thankful...

*for the chance to sleep in a bit this morning.
*warm coffee and cream each morning
*my hard-working husband <3


I am wearing...  a jean skirt, white tank top with a deep purple zip up sweatshirt and my tennis shoes.

I am creating...  The afghan that I started a few weeks ago is still a work in progress but I've set it aside this week to work on a few knitted dishcloths.

I am going... to celebrate a friends birthday this week.

I am wondering... if we will really get our first thunderstorm of the year on Wednesday as has been predicted.

I am reading...  I am reading and studying the book of Philippians.   I am reading Living Virtuously and also picked up the first book in the Mitford series at the library this week.  I don't usually read or have much time for fiction other than read alouds to the kids but I thought I would give it a whirl.  ;)

I am praying for...
* the salvation of loved ones.
* the Tippetts family
*  healing for many
*Discernment for my husband in regards to a job offer
*New friends who are packing to move in the next few weeks
*My grandbaby.  <3

  In my kitchen...  Left overs for supper tonight.  :)
In the homeschool room...  Back to our normal school schedule this week.  Christopher enjoyed his time with his dad in the truck last week.  He just needs to catch up with his math lessons by doubling up this week.

Andrew and I started our Space unit study last week and are enjoying it.  

Next week we'll be going to see the play, King Arthur. 
A graphic to share... 

A Quote I'm Sharing... 

~ Mrs. Dunwoody's Guide to Living Beautifully ~

* Realize that each new day is a gift from God. Treat it as such.

* Focus on life's blessings, as this is continuously uplifting, and affects who you are as a person.

*Develop a keen appreciation for the little luxuries in your daily life ~ the smell of coffee, the bird's singing, etc. Pay attention to your life.

* Create a home you love to live in.

* Spend some time outdoors. Nature heals and replenishes the soul.

*Do something kind for someone at least every week; aim for every day.

*Everything in life is a choice. Realize that as you live your life, each moment you are either adding to or taking from the quality of your life.

*Strive to become the best version of yourself.

*To awaken mentally and become passionate about something, find the thing that moves your heart and stirs your soul. {Jesus!}

*Create something, whether it is a family, a meal, a painting, or a daydream.

*Never stop learning, through books, people, travel, and experiences.

*Listen to and enjoy another's company often.

*Focus on your love of beauty.

*Treat yourself well. Use the fine china for your cup of tea.

*Cultivate gratitude in all things and circumstances. Search for the good in all.

*Speak only kind words.

*Laugh every day.

*Give continual thanks and praise to your Creator, and ask Him to guide your heart and soul.
A peek into one of my days...  Almost every date includes a trip to Menards.  :)  I don't mind though.  I'll follow this man anywhere. <3


One of my favorite things... listening to others who can play piano and praying that someday I might be able to play as well.  :)

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Monday, March 23, 2015

MinneSNOWta Daybook

For Today... March 23, 2015

Outside my window...  Snow...  Lots of snow.  I shouldn't be surprised and I definitely shouldn't have put away all of our winter things last week.  I was a bit hasty in my desire for Winter to be over.  In my defense though it was almost 70 a week and a half ago!


I am thinking... about this Scripture today. 

I am thankful... for a chance to celebrate my daughter's birthday with her this last weekend and to have both my parents and Scott's here for her birthday lunch.  Here is a picture I took of her on Saturday.  Such a beautiful smile and baby bump.  :)


I am wearing...  capri's, a cream and pink t-shirt and my crocs

I am creating... this afghan, although I haven't worked on it at all in the last week. 


I am going... to try to stay at home as much as possible this week other than piano lessons later this week.

I am wondering... How long it will take for the snow to melt again. 

I am reading...  I read in the book of Ephesians this morning.  Andrew and I started reading the book of Galatians today.  I ordered this book today.  Living Virtuously and am looking forward to reading it. 

I am praying for...
* the salvation of loved ones.
* the Tippetts family
*  healing for many

  In my kitchen...  We are eating from the cupboards and freezer this week.  I'm not buying anything except some fresh fruit and veggies.  I need to make bread tomorrow.  I have been cutting down on coffee consumption over the last few month.  I was having just two cups each morning but this week have cut it to 1 and a half cups now.  I drink decaf because my body cannot handle much caffeine.  I'd like to just cut to one cup each morning and then switch to water or tea.
In the homeschool room...  Christopher went with Scott in the semi this week.  He packed up all of his school except his Algebra which he needs internet connection for and will do his schooling as they travel this week, checking in with me each evening.
Andrew and I started our Space unit study today.    We are planning a trip to the MN Science Museum but I think we'll wait until we are about halfway into our study before going.  I found a Cursive app for my iPad and purchased it for Andrew to use for practice.  
A blog link to share...  Yearning for Biblical Motherhood

A Quote I'm Sharing... 

"It is probable that God lets every human being that crosses our path meet us in order that we may have the opportunity of leaving some blessing in his path, and dropping into his heart and life some influence that will draw him nearer to God." ~ A.B. Simpson
A peek into one of my days... 

Bananagrams with my parents this last Saturday afternoon.

One of my favorite things... last week it was sunsets, this week... sunrises.  :)  This one was from last week.  Notice no snow!  ;)

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