Saturday, September 28, 2013

It's been a little quiet over here on this blogger blog.  That is because I've been blogging a little more privately.  If you'd like to visit me at my new blog email me at everydaysacred@hotmail(dot)com and I'll send you the link.  Make sure to take out the (dot) when you email.  Blessings ~ Theresa

Thursday, September 19, 2013


We are finally all feeling better.  Christopher never did end up getting sick.  We have residual sinus headaches though.  Blah!

Christopher has a meeting.  I'm working on school planning and requesting some books for our study on Mexico.  Our internet at home is not working.  This mornings storm did something to our modem.  It was working before the storm because I used the computer to check the weather but this afternoon when we were finished with school it wasn't working.  After an hour long phone call to tech support they've determined that we need a new modem and will be mailing it out.  So... until then we are roughing it... no internet in addition to our no cable!  My kids might actually have to pick up a book or play outside, gasp!  Just kidding. 

I have some fun pictures from a geography challenge the boys and I did today but that will have to wait for another post.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

Flower-graphics-4Our second week of school, like our first, is not off to a good start.  Three of us are dealing with a yucky flu although Jonathan is two days ahead of us and functioning better than Andrew and I.   Since the teacher is achey, feverish, stuffy, watery eyed and has a whopper of a headache we've delayed starting this week.  I'm hopeful that we can resume tomorrow.  Christopher, who is the only one feeling well, has been working on his independent work inbetween taking care of the house, meals and his sickly family.  

A darling new book arrived yesterday and I've read all the way to chapter 9 already.  Lessons at Blackberry Inn by Karen Andreola is the story of Michael and Carol and their family in the 1930's and their journey into home education using the Charlotte Mason method and a sequel to the book Pocketfull of Pinecones.  Being 9 chapters in, I would say that Lessons at Blackberry Inn has less of a home education focus than Pocketfull of Pinecones did and more of a focus on home life and contentment but I am enjoying the book nonetheless. The slow and gentle writing style of Karen Andreola is a welcoming balm to my busy, weary and at the moment ill body.  

In other news... I am a new Auntie!  Brennan Dean was born last evening.  He weighed 8lbs 6oz and has a head full of black hair like his older brother Kessler did.  We wont get to visit the wee one until the weekend or even later, depending on how we are all feeling.  I don't want to be passing any of these germs onto my brother's family.  

The delay is visiting will allow me time to finish up his baby blanket.  I ran out of yarn yesterday and still have about a 1/4 of the blanket to finish.  I might be sending Jonathan to buy yarn today. I'm thankful I have a son who isn't embarrassed to buy such a purchase.  *smile*

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Evening Daybook


Outside my window...  This morning it was cold, breezy and drizzling.  I am fighting off a cold so I went back to bed for the afternoon and now the sun is making an appearance although I think it is still chilly. 
Scott and the boys are all outside playing.  The older two are playing basketball and Andrew and Scott are playing catch.
I am hearing...  I am listening to Mozart on the cd player and there is a very whiney kitten in the other room who wants to be let outside.

I am thinking...  That I don't like colds.  :o( 
I am thankful...  For the cuddles, snuggles, slobbery kisses and cold germs that I got last week when my friend and her children were here.  As yucky as I feel now, I am so thankful to of had them here and to love on her and her children.  

In the kitchen...  I am very glad that I threw together a bean soup in the crockpot this morning.  The chilly weather is perfect for soup. Thanks, Lisa for the recipe!
I have the menu made for the week.  I am going to be eating raw as much as possible - at least my breakfast and lunches.  I need to get some good nutrition into me and boost my immune system back up.  This morning I prepared 3 baggies with my green smootie fruits already in them (minus the banana).  This makes it easier in the morning.  All I need to do is dump in the bag, add water, the banana and a handful of spinach and I'm done.   I'll alternate smoothie days with a different raw breakfast.  

I am wearing...  A warm winter nightgown. 

I am creating...  A knitted baby blanket.  I've never knit a blanket before but I am loving this soft stretchy knit pattern. 

I am going...  to bed early tonight. 

I am wondering...  what is a good natural herbal tea to drink when you have a cold. 

I am reading...  still reading Life Management for Busy Women, by Elizabeth George

I am hoping...  that this cold will be short lived.

I am looking forward to...  a quieter week at home after the busy week we had last week. 

I am learning...  speak gently

Around the house...  The living room and kitchen need a straightening up before bedtime.  All of the bedrooms are clean and back in order after our guests.  The bathrooms still need to be cleaned though.  

From the learning room...  With our home full of guests last week we only did half days of school when they were here and a full day when they were out visiting family or other friends. We included the them in our family worship time and they did journal writing while we did some of our school.  The boys and I did a crafty type of project... Andrew loves to do this sort of hands on work and Christopher is a good sport to always do it with us.

This week we'll be starting week 4 of our ECC curriculum and finishing up our United States study.  I need to inter-library loan books for our Canada study next week.

One of my favorite things...  babies!  I will be an autie again any day now so that is why I am really hoping this cold will be short lived.

A few plans for the rest of the week I've gotten all of my errands and shopping done for the week in anticipation of staying home as much as possible.  Jonthan works twice this week and Christopher has Civil Air Patrol one night and Cyber Patriot training another night.  My dad usually takes him to his C.A.P. meeting but I'll have to take him to his second meeting.  Other than that I plan to remain home.

 A peek into my day...


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Thursday, September 12, 2013


It might have been silent here on my blog over the last 9 days but my home has been busy, busy, busy!  My best friend and her 10 children came to stay with us unexpectedly for 8 days.  Lots of chatter, activity, food, dishes, dirty diapers, late nights of crocheting and chatting (I don't think we went to bed before 1 am the whole time!) and best of all snuggles, kisses and little ones in my lap for stories and love. 


This morning they packed up and headed back to North Dakota and my house is SO QUIET that it feels odd.  *smile*   It will be nice to get back to our school routine but I am going to miss EVERYONE of those kiddo's and my bff!  We've been friends since her oldest daughter was 5 months old and she'll be 13 next month!  

I'll be back to blogging soon.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Night Before

Tomorrow morning we begin our new school year!  I am so excited.  I love "new" anythings... new mornings, new months, new seasons, new friendships, a new beginning!  Along with our new school year beginning though, we also have an ending awaiting us at the end of our year, as our son Jonathan will be graduating!  I'm not going to think about that though.

Here is our end of the summer daybook.

FOR TODAY:  Monday, September 2nd, 2013
I am resting with a glass of ice water right now.  Scott, Andrew and I just got back from a bike ride.  It was a short one since this is really the beginning of exercise for me (again) after spending the summer healing from a torn meniscus.  The sunny cool weather made the ride glorious!  I got a pretty new pink bike in May but our Spring was so chilly and wet that we didn't get out much and then the bike sat forgotten for the last 2 months while I was unable to ride.  I'm going to take advantage of the rest of summer and fall and take a short ride each night after dinner that I can.

Outside my window...  The sun is shining and it is a beautiful cool evening.

I am thinking...  that I have some of the best friends in the world and I enjoyed spending my day with them yesterday.
I am hearing... Scott and the boys playing a game of horse.

I am thankful for... 
  • upcoming babies
  • getting a chance to snuggle 2 different babies to sleep this week.
  • a beautiful day of fellowship and fun with friends yesterday. 
  • a nice nap this afternoon
  • a long e-mail update from my best friend
In the Kitchen... I hear the whir of our noisy dishwasher busily doing its job.  I'm going to assemble an oatmeal bake for tomorrows breakfast.
I am wearing...  tan capri's and an orange t-shirt and a pair of socks.

I am creating...  an afghan using the pattern my grandmother used to make afghans for her grandchildren when they got married.

I am going...  to look over tomorrows lesson plans and my to-do list so that I'm ready for the day.

 I am reading...  Life Management for Busy Women

I am hoping...  that Scott will be home for the start of our day and wont have to leave too early tomorrow morning.

I am looking forward to...  life returning to the gentle rhythm of school in the mornings and afternoons and evenings outdoors.

I am learning...  to change my thinking.

Around the house...  I spent the morning cleaning up after the chaos of this weekend.  I printed out the boys' new chore charts and hung them on the fridge.  I also cleaned the upstairs bathroom and did lots of laundry!  Over the weekend I cleaned out two upstairs closets and went through many bins of clothes.  I have 6 bags of donations ready to go to town.
One of my favorite things...  seeing the beautiful flowers on the sink ledge that my friend Shiloh brought me this week.  Her thoughtfulness and willingness to drive out here to my house to deliver them was so sweet and I was so blessed.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  School, chiropractor appointments for Jonathan and I.  I am also going to set up an appointment for a massage.  :o)  We have to make a trip to the library and Christopher has Civil Air Patrol and begins Cyber Patriot training.  I celebrate my birthday on Thursday and I'm hoping that my new nephew or niece will arrive this week too. 

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