Monday, August 8, 2016

Daybook for August 8th

Outside My Window:  Bright sun, whispy white clouds floating by.

Listening to:  Silence.  Absolute silence... for now.  Soon my husband will be back from Menards and the whir of the chainsaw and hammers will commence as the last sections of our old log home are taken out and new walls and windows are framed in.

Clothing Myself in:  Capris, green shirt, bare feed and naked face.

Creating by Hand:  This week I'm continuing to crochet on a wedding afghan for a precious girl and her fellow who are going to be married next month.

What I'm Reading:  On my Kindle... each nigght before bed I am reading a small selection for Amish Knitting Circle:  Smicksburg Tales 2.  I finished the first set last week.  It is such an endearing and encouraging series.  It is a lovely way to end the day.  Bible... I started the book of Ezra this morning.

Memorizing:  I am currently working on memorizing the sermon on the Mount.  Today I am working on verse 25 of chapter 5.

Learning lessons in:  Being present, being still and casting my cares on Him.

Keeping House:  I'm doing my best to remain calm in the chaos that is our life during house rennovation season.  :)  Currently boxes, bins, piles and furniture are everywhere along with a heavy layer of dust.

To be Fit and Happy:  Andrew and I went swimming over the weekend with my sister, cousin and their children.  My mom and two aunts also joined us for the day.  Swimming is such an easy and fun way to exercise.  I even did the water slide a few times.  Loved that but didn't care much for climbing all those stairs.

Giving Thanks:  Our grandson, almost 11 months is beginning to walk!  I can hardly believe that we are approaching his first birthday next month.  This precious boy has brought so much joy to his nanny, papa and uncles.

Planning for the Week Ahead:  Andrew and I were supposed to be on our way to Wyoming early this morning but late last week our plans unexpectedly changed.  I was looking forward to spending time with one of my dearest friends who I haven't seen in 3 years and escaping out of the house during all of the work.  All that to say, we have no plans for the week but I'm sure I'll think up a few adventures to replace our canceled trip.

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