Monday, March 31, 2014

End of March Daybook

FOR TODAY ~ Monday, March 31st, 2014


Outside my window... The sun is shining and it is warmish but breezy.  Christopher and Andrew have been out playing football for about 35 minutes now.

 I'm wearing... a jean skirt and blue flannel shirt.

I am listening to... this weeks Restore podcast.

  I am thinking... about how the next 2 months will look with school and getting ready for Jonathan's graduation.  List making has begun in earnst.  :)

I am so thankful for... The Restore workshop 2014 it has been a HUGE blessing to me.

 I am learning... to be gracious and nurturing towards myself so that I can better nurture and show grace to others.  

I am pondering... how to keep things simple but intentional.

 Around the house... Lots of homekeeping chores to catch up on after weeks of sickness.

In the kitchen...  The fridge stopped working last week and thankfully can be repaired for much less than purchasing a new one.  Having to run down to the extra fridge in the basement has been a small inconvenience in that I can't readily see what we have.

 From the Learning Room... Over the next two weeks we will be studying Japan.  Andrew started a new lesson in his Apologia science book and Jonathan is just about finished with his schooling for his senior year!

I'm Creating... hard stops in my day to pray, read the Bible and spend time with my Savior.  I've set alarms on my phone that go off playing this song.  After a week and a half it is a precious call from Jesus to come sit at his feet and the instant relief that floods my spirit brings peace to me.

Last week I walked the Stations of the Cross at my childhood church.  Growing up and walking the stations was such a meaningful time for me.  It was important for me to go and spend that time meditating on Christ's love for me through his suffering and sacrifice.

One of my favorite things... Chai tea with honey and cream.  Mmmm

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Homeschool gym time, library day, Civil Air Patrol for Christopher, Weight Watchers meeting and taking 3 of our kittens to their new home on the farm.

A peek into my day...  

One of my favorite things about my kitchen and dining room... my rocking chair!  Often I'll sit here and pray, read or just sit in quiet if I'm cooking and need to keep an eye on what I'm doing.  Sometimes the boys sit and chat with me while I am working in the kitchen.  I just like that its there and inviting.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Erin Condren Life Planner

O.kay, I did a quick post with the Erin Condren planners, I thought maybe some from the Restore Workshop 2014 might be interested in seeing how I use my planners.

If anyone is interested in ordering you can receive $10 off your order by using the referral code below.

 I have two planners.  The Happy Stripes planner on the left with my family photo on it is my Weight Watchers planner.  I use it to track my food and fitness.  It has my blog name on it because the name is important to me.  :o)  The planner on the right is my personal planner where I track everything else.  I did just order a teacher planner too and it is GORGEOUS!

On the front inside cover I Washi tape my shopping list and then on the right I have a dashboard of sorts with extra sticky notes.

This is how I start my week... did a little bit of decorating with Washi tape and then will fill in our weekly appointments and activities in the top morning section.  I don't use the morning/day/night sections... just kind of ignore them.  

Throughout the day I'll journal little things about our day that I want to remember.  Here are some previous weeks so you can see how I journaled.

On the left column I played around with making some habit stickers that I print out and then can check off items as they are finished. I don't use these each week though.

I am still fairly new to this planner and not entirely sure how I want to use it. 

In the back of the planner I have some FlyLady routine pages and some list pages.

I don't decorate as much in my food and fitness journal.  At least not on the weekly spread.  On the monthly two page spread I put together inspiration pages.  Printing out pictures onto Avery labels and sticking them onto the pages.

Here are two pictures of the weekly spread as I fill them in.

And here is next weeks all ready to start tracking again.

In the back I keep Washi taped in a sheet to keep track of my weight loss.  I custom ordered it from an Etsy shop.

I keep the months Weight Watchers handouts and my weight tracker book for WW in the folder and the back cover has a picture of my parents and siblings and a niece and nephew.

I also did a video review you can watch but it isn't the best and I think I sound dorky!  :-)