Saturday, May 7, 2016

Spring Hello

Wow!  It's been quite a long time since I've been actively blogging.  I really do desire to get back to it in some form or other.

My little grandson will be 8 months old this week and he brings so much joy into our lives.  He doesn't have any teeth yet and isn't crawling either but I'm sure those things will be coming soon.  His smile melts my heart and I wonder how our life felt so normal and full before he arrived.  His Nanny, Papa Scott and uncles loves him so much.



In November we will welcome our 2nd grandchild into our lives.  I am so excited!!!!

In January of this year I joined a weight-loss Bible study called First Place for Health.  I have really been enjoying the studies and have lost a total of 32.7 pounds since starting.  My clothes are fitting better and I am feeling so much better too.  I still have quite a bit more to lose but I am not concerned with how long it will take.  Our Bible study group took a break from the First Place 4 Health studies in April and began a book called Taste for Truth which focuses on renewing our minds and allowing God to transform us as we abide in Him and renew our minds to His truth.  This book has been so foundational and about the only thing I haven't liked is how fast paced it moves.  There is so much good information, powerful questions and Scripture in it that I wish I had a bit more time to meditate on it.  I plan to go back through the book later this summer.

The boys are looking forward to summer and being outside.  Andrew will be participating in coach pitch baseball through the summer rec program and we got family passes to an amusement park.  Lots of fun for the boys and walking for mom.  :)  

I'm working on setting some goals in different areas of my life.  I came across another blogger who did this and I really liked these little mini goals and the accountability of sharing them.  Look for that post sometime next week.  Until then, God bless you.